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HSC Programs


  • Course Options: Students can choose from several English courses, including English Standard, English Advanced, English Extension 1, and English Extension 2.

  • Course Content: English courses typically cover areas such as:

    • Analysis of literary texts (novels, poetry, drama)

    • Developing critical and creative thinking skills

    • Essay writing and persuasive techniques

    • Oral presentations and communication skills

    • Close reading and textual analysis

    • Creative writing

    • Study of various literary and non-literary texts


  • Course Options: HSC offers a range of mathematics courses, including General Mathematics, Mathematics Standard, Mathematics Advanced, Mathematics Extension 1, and Mathematics Extension 2.

  • Course Content: Mathematics courses cover topics such as:

    • Algebra and calculus

    • Statistics and probability

    • Trigonometry and geometry

    • Differential equations (for advanced courses)

    • Advanced problem-solving skills (for extension courses)

    • Real-world applications of mathematics


  • Course Content: Physics in the HSC program includes the study of:

    • Mechanics (motion, forces, energy)

    • Waves and optics (light and sound)

    • Electricity and magnetism

    • Nuclear physics

    • Astrophysics and cosmology

    • Practical experiments and investigations

    • Application of physics principles in real-life scenarios


  • Course Content: Chemistry courses cover topics such as:

    • Atomic structure and the periodic table

    • Chemical bonding and reactions

    • Organic chemistry

    • Acids and bases

    • Chemical equilibrium

    • Chemical analysis techniques

    • Environmental chemistry

    • Practical experiments and laboratory work


  • Course Content: Biology courses encompass the study of:

    • Cell structure and function

    • Genetics and inheritance

    • Evolution and biodiversity

    • Ecology and ecosystems

    • Human physiology and anatomy

    • Disease and immunity

    • Biotechnology and genetic engineering

    • Fieldwork and laboratory investigations

In each of these subjects, students are required to engage in a combination of coursework, assignments, and final examinations. The depth and complexity of the content increase with the level of the course (Standard, Advanced, Extension), allowing students to choose the level that matches their aptitude and academic goals. Additionally, practical work and experiments are an integral part of science subjects like Physics, Chemistry, and Biology to develop hands-on scientific skills and understanding.

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