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K - Year 6 Programs

Literacy + Numeracy for Kindy & Year 1

Apply math concepts in all areas of life

-Aim to develop numeracy skills  which involve understanding numbers, counting, solving number problems

- Listen, red, view and interpret spoken, written and multimodal texts designed to entertain and inform

-Developing students' knowledge, understanding and skills in listening, reading, viewing, speaking, writing and creating

This course is based on the NESA Early Stage and Year 1 Literacy and Numeracy curriculum. Help children consolidate their school curriculum and preview first-grade knowledge points. Help children adapt to the transition from Kindy to Year 1 with more confidence, as well as the learning of Year 1 knowledge content. Basic Literacy and Numeracy skills are also the prerequisites for a good score in NAPLAN. Taking a solid first step for your child to obtain a private school scholarship and enter an OC class.


 Drama, public speaking for kindy - Year 2

-Learn about Drama, and Public Speaking Techniques such as knowing audience, controlling voice, developing style, overcoming fears

-Delivered by experience in-school teachers 

-Integrates NSW Syllabus for Stages 1

This series of courses is specially designed for Kindy and Stage 1 students. The purpose is to help children establish basic concepts of Public Speaking and drama, while also helping them understand presentation skills, improve their self-confidence, and their ability to speak English boldly. Classes are taught in small sizes to ensure that each student has enough time to speak and practice.

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