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Early Stage Programs

This course is designed based on the EYLF curriculum and integrates Reggio Emilia, STEM (S-Science, T-Technology, E-Emotional Management, A-Arts, M-Mathematics Meditation), as well as Harvard University's visible learning educational philosophy. It aims to use cutting-edge teaching methods from around the world to help children cultivate their interest in exploring and learning about everyday life, nature, science, and society. Additionally, considering the physical and emotional development needs of children in this age group, emotional management, toddler yoga, and meditation are also incorporated into the classroom. Reading is no longer just a simple language activity but has transformed into a vibrant and immersive reading experience.

Literacy + Numeracy for PreK & Kindy 

-Grasp basis phonics such as letter name, letter sound, and how to properly form letters

-Improves students' general abilities

-Delivered by experience in-school teachers

-Integrates EYLF and NSW Syllabus for Early Stages

Suitable for children aged 4-6 who have a certain foundation in English. The course is taught by experienced primary school teachers and is designed based on the EYFL and New South Wales Early Stage syllabus. While helping children firmly grasp the rules of phonics, it also improves children's listening, speaking, reading and writing abilities.

Apply math concepts in all areas of life

-Understanding umbers, counting, solving number problems and measuring

-Develop sense of space and logical problem-solving skills

-Delivered by experienced in - school teachers 

-Integrates EFLF and NSW Syllabus for Early Stages

Suitable for children aged 4-6 who have a certain foundation in mathematics. This series of courses will focus on strengthening students' basic mathematical knowledge, integrating the content of New South Wales Early stage Maths, and connecting it with kindy learning content. Let children experience the fun of learning mathematics happily and become interested in numbers and graphics. The course will also incorporate some STEM elements to train children's spatial sense and logical thinking abilities.

Literacy + Numeracy for Kindy & Year 1

Apply math concepts in all areas of life

-Aim to develop numeracy skills  which involve understanding numbers, counting, solving number problems

- Listen, red, view and interpret spoken, written and multimodal texts designed to entertain and inform

-Developing students' knowledge, understanding and skills in listening, reading, viewing, speaking, writing and creating

This course is based on the NESA Early Stage and Year 1 Literacy and Numeracy curriculum. Help children consolidate their school curriculum and preview first-grade knowledge points. Help children adapt to the transition from Kindy to Year 1 with more confidence, as well as the learning of Year 1 knowledge content. Basic Literacy and Numeracy skills are also the prerequisites for a good score in NAPLAN. Taking a solid first step for your child to obtain a private school scholarship and enter an OC class.


 Drama, public speaking for kindy - Year 2

-Learn about Drama, and Public Speaking Techniques such as knowing audience, controlling voice, developing style, overcoming fears

-Delivered by experience in-school teachers 

-Integrates NSW Syllabus for Stages 1

This series of courses is specially designed for Kindy and Stage 1 students. The purpose is to help children establish basic concepts of Public Speaking and drama, while also helping them understand presentation skills, improve their self-confidence, and their ability to speak English boldly. Classes are taught in small sizes to ensure that each student has enough time to speak and practice.

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